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Well, it's taken me a hefty amount of time to get through season 4...partly because no Weir, no Beckett and too much Keller!

Anyhoo, here we go!

Season 4 )

So...season 4 is pretty bloody, with violence everywhere, and with both MDs now shooting at people! Rodney also commits genocide when they attack the Replicator homeworld.
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I finished season 3 of Atlantis in record time (though I skipped a couple of episodes including Sunday *sniff*), so here's the tally!!

Season 3 )

So, season 3 seems to be far more bloody and violent than season 2. Lots of damage inflicted by our team and the wider expedition, and McKay, Destroyer of Worlds makes his debut after a dress rehearsal in Trinity last season - Rodney firstly barely hesitates to wipe out the last of the former Wraith from Michael's hive, then is the person to execute Ellis nuke plan on the Asuran homeworld that destroyed their fleet, and likely took millions of Asurans with it (or course this is only a partial genocide - he'll commit genocide properly next year). Carson died this season (wails uncontrollably) but not before killing a Wraith (which seems extremely out of character even all these years later). Slacker of the year goes to Teyla who didn't seem to do much ass-kicking at all...I think pregnant Teyla next year kicks a lot more ass. And way to go Lorne - taking out a hive ship as his first kill of the series! And special mention to Elizabeth, who makes it through her run as a regular without killing anybody.

And that's why Weir is awesome!
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So i finished my rewatch of season 2, which was remarkably less bloody than season 1, so here's the tally!

Season 2 )

So, season 2 is far less bloody than season 1 was, and the only person to not shoot anyone yet is of course, Dr. Weir (though she did shoot lots of people while Phoebus had control of her body). Even Carson got in on the violence this year, shooting Ellia in the shoulder, and McKay went so far as to be proud at only just missing hitting a Genii at one point, though he rather stupidly shot Sheppard in the arm while Sheppard was possessed by Thalin, so McKay gets the idiot award.
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Just a few episodes of season 2 to go until I can continue my tally of just how much destruction the Atlantis expedition brought upon themselves and others.

I need to get a life...

...nah :P
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Well, since I'm still off sick from work and have a lot of free time, I did a skim watch of Season 1, skipping episodes where I knew there were no fatalities, and ones where I knew exactly who killed here's the kill counts for season 1!

Even Season 1 was pretty bloody! )

So what can we take from season 1? Sheppard is a mass murderer (though it was Genii so we can forgive him (maybe?)). And judging by the fatalities it's definitely far more dangerous to be a scientist than to be in the military in Atlantis...



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