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So one of my favourite books is 'Quotable Star Trek' which I will readily admit to reading cover to cover about four or five times so far.

While I don't think Stargate's characters ever quite reached the same ideological or sociological depth as those in Star Trek (seeing as Trek characters for the most part are themselves idealised and more self-aware while Stargate characters are far more flawed and real), I still think there's some cracking and profound quotes over the span of the three movies and seventeen seasons!

So, if I were to compile a website of 'Quotable Stargate' and were to chapter it by theme like 'Quotable Star Trek', would anyone be interested in having a read?
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What I'm currently working on (click on covers to go to stories):


Three years after 'Enemy at the Gate' the team find themselves back together again and battling enemies old and new. But with many of the relationships that held them all together on Atlantis now fractured and broken, do they still have what it takes to save Earth? Warning for references to a regular character's death in coming chapters.


For some of our characters, the Stargate has always been present in their lives, for others, we witnessed them learning of the Stargate's existence before our very eyes. But what about the characters who made the greatest discovery of all without us there to see it? This is the story of the SG1 and Atlantis teams dealing with learning the impossible.
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Hey ho! Long time no post, but this is tradition!!

Had an AMAZING time at Chevron 8.0...Absolutely incredible...have not laughed so much in years!!!!

Guests were David Hewlett, Paul McGillion, David Nykl, Dan Payne, Cliff Simon, Suanne Braun and Jennifer Spence!

The first day, Jewels, Fraggle and I travelled down to Birmingham, and a trip which should have taken a little over 4 hours took over 6 thanks to some inexplicable traffic jams around Manchester. We finally got there and rushed to check in and get ready for the opening ceremony,

All the guests, obviously, were at the opening ceremony, but other than the party, there were no events that day.

 photo 90c08153-2b99-4216-9492-1ee89b5f6873_zps14cf313f.jpg

The next day started with endless queuing for the actors' signings and photoshoots. I got photoshoots with David Hewlett, Suanne Braun, Cliff Simon and Dan Payne, and autographs from Suanne, Cliff, Paul and David Nykl.

the first panel was Paul McGillion (Beckett), Suanne Braun (Hathor) and David Nykl (Zelenka). It was pretty good panel, loads of laughs, especially when Paul and Suanne read a scene from a script for Beckett and Keller, lol!

After that was a Stargate Gameshow, with Paul and David on one team with a con-goer who named their team "Exploding Tumours", and on the other was David "what was the question?" Hewlett, Jennifer Spence and another con-goer who dubbed their team "McKay's minions", The gameshow was hilarious, especially with David and Paul just making fun of each other and David's hilarious answer to the book that gave McKay nightmares as a kid (the book was Moby Dick, but after the audience tried to help out, David gave the answer The Hungry Caterpillar!). They also had to re-enact scenes that the audience had to guess, and for which the actors got marked on their acting ability. This ended up involving many John Sheppard impressions, and then Jennifer trying to be Zelenka (but she sounded like Pavel Chekov) and David Hewlett's awfully awful but completely hysterical Beckett, complete with added "Och aye the noos" etc.

I also don't know what show Hewlett was working on when we were all watching Atlantis, but this was his drawing of a wraith hive ship:

In the end McKay's minions won with 40 points to Exploding Tumours' 39!

Next up was Cliff Simon (Ba'al), Jennifer Spence (Lisa Park) and Dan Payne (self professed goon for hire (he played Wraith, Super Soldiers etc) which again was a great panel, especially Dan who is utterly adorable and so funny!

Finally, the Hewlett got the stage to himself for a great talk, he let a few more details out about Debug (Jason Momoa's the bad guy), and about how he's not been acting so much and has been a stay at home dad a lot recently. He also told us again about how he wanted to be a Time Lord when he was little, but realised that he could act and pretend be a Time Lord instead. He said he feels happy to have found out what he wanted to do so early in his life and expressed hope that his son would find out early on as well. I admit to being quite envious at this as at the age of 25 I still don't have a solid idea.

That was the end of Saturday's events, apart from the party which was very good, and we got to speak to Dan Payne for a minute or two :)

The next morning was more queuing, and I nearly missed David Hewlett as a lot of attendees had not followed the itinerary and went for autos on the Sunday when they should have done so on the Saturday! I managed to get David Hewlett's and Dan's autos at the last gasp (literally!), and also managed to get Jennifer Spence's. I also got photos with Jennifer and Paul, and a group shot with David Hewlett alongside Fraggle, Jewels and Animallover. Jewels was wearing a Gangnam Style hoodie, which prompted David to do a bit of Gangnam Style!

Sunday was also the day we were leaving so we never got to see all the events, but first up on Sunday was the Three Doctors Panel (The doctors with hangovers Panel according to David Nykl (both he and Paul were at the Saturday party until after 2am)). This was the best panel I've ever been to at a con, They were completely hyper (Hewlett had coffee or coca cola with him every time I saw him that weekend) and acted like giant children. They started the panel by beatboxing and pulling as many stupid faces as they could. There were a lot of laughs, especially when someone asked if they had ever appeared naked in a film or if they ever would. Everyone laughed at Hewlett's expense since he has a history of ending up naked in films, but Nykl told everyone about how he'd been naked live on stage in a play...where's he'd played a sun god, and had been suspended from the ceiling! The previous day Paul had auctioned off some items for a childrens' hospital in Vancouver and he did so at this panel - cue lots of puerile humour from both Pauly McG and Hewlett. In order to get people to bid more, both McGillion and Hewlett rubbed various items all over themselves. Paul also put some acting sides down his pants, and David started licking prints and scripts (seriously!). It seemed to work though, and I think they raised a good bit of money! :)


David 'modelling' the Santa Hat

The final panel we saw was the two System Lords - Ba'al and Hathor. Both actors - both originally from South Africa - spent the panel discussing their careers and how they cope with the demands of acting. They also discussed their acting choices for their characters. It was a very  informative panel which really I enjoyed.

There was another event after that, which was our last before the con, but you'll need to go to a Chevron event yourself to find out what it was...I will tell you this - I was crying with laughter!

Sadly, that was our weekend over, and after a few last goodbyes, we had to head back up to Scotland!

I should also point out that it's been a while since my last convention (five years) and as such it's been years since I last met the guests. Paul, David Nykl and Suanne all looked a little older (but still all great) as you'd expect. Cliff looks the same as always, but the Hewlett looked amazing and a lot younger than he did the last time I met him! He's lost a fair bit of weight, but not too much, and it looks good on him!

I'll post my photoshoots later :)

Full photo gallery here -
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Went to Collectormania's my geek swag:



May. 7th, 2008 09:50 am
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I won for my Cam Mitchell and Vala Icons!!!



Apr. 28th, 2008 10:02 pm
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So I've seen the Ark of Truth...

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Anyhoo...I've got 2 hours until my next lecture and then my history class, so I'm going to babble about my latest labour of love - my new site!

It's taken longer to make than I thought it would, but here's a rundown of what it's got

Star Trek Voyager section: Icons, banners, fanfic, photo-edits
Stargate SG1 section: Icons, banners, photo-edits, collages, fanfic, photo-edits, videos
Stargate Atlantis section: Icons, banners, photo-edits, collages, fanfic, photo-edits,
Section for shows and movies: Icons, banners and miscellany
Photo-editing: lots of edited photography
Conventions, Signings and Meet-ups: Pictures and reports from conventions, signings, collectors fayres, meet-ups etc

So in short  - thousands of graphics!

Now...what shall I do?

What shall I do...


I'm bored
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For those that don't know...

David Hewlett will be appearing for ONE DAY ONLY in London, June 28th!

Who's going? I'm going to try my utmost to get there!
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Snaggled from [profile] gwene

1. Who is your favorite SG-1 character?
Jack O'Neill

2. Who is your favorite Atlantis character?
Rodney McKay

3. What is your favorite SG-1 episode?
The Lost City

4. Who is your favorite villain? (in SG-1)

5. Who is your favorite villain? (in Atlantis)
Uhm...Any Wraith Queen

6. P-90 or Zat?

7. You'll be...Jaffa or Tok'ra?

8. Goa'uld mothership or X-303?
Goa'uld mothership

9. Ori or Ancient?
The Ancients

0. Who is the best O'Neill: Kurt Russell or Richard Dean Anderson?

11. The best Daniel Jackson...James Spader or Michael Shanks?

12. Asgard or Replicator?

13. Who is the best leader of Atlantis, Weir or Carter?

14. Who is best leader of the SGC...Hammond, O'Neill, Weir or Landry?

15. Jonas Quinn or Vala Mal Doran?
Jonas Quinn

16. Col. Mitchell or Dr. Fraiser?
Frasier, though I love Mitchell too!

17. Who would you kill first...Apophis, Ba'al, Cronos, Hathor, Yu or Anubis?

18. Keller or Beckett?
Beckett...death to Keller!

19. In a 1 on 1 fight, who would win...Teal'c or Ronon?
Uhm...Carter would split them up first :P

20. What is your favourite Atlantis episode?
Tao of Rodney

21. Carter or McKay?
McKay all the way

22. Dr. Bill Lee or Radek Zelenka?

23. Stargate the movie (1994) or The Ark Of Truth?
Stargate the movie

24. Major Lorne or Major Davis?
Lorne but Davis is cute too!

25 and finally, SG-1 or Atlantis?

All done!

Mar. 19th, 2008 04:39 pm
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Finished my politics essay...phew!

I don't know how good or bad it is...can't seem to gauge it...oh well!

Fanfic, here I  come!

Expect a sporadic update of an Atlantis or an SG1 fic tonight...don't know which story it'll be!
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Here's my online week...

I haven't been on GW since that whole incident I blogged about.

Strangely not missing it...I'm finally free! yay!

I'm starting yet another website! It'll be called Sci Fi Intel, and will further expand on Stargate Intel, but won't have a domain :)

LOADS more photography - - comments and faves are love :D

And Heroes is going to be my new obsession...What's Atlantis again? lol :D

Just kidding...still loving Atlantis, but loving Heroes almost as much!
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...and if you know the outcome of Sunday...

PLEASE vote in this poll


Jan. 16th, 2007 12:47 pm
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I knew it was gonna happen but...


OMG I am THROUGH with this show!
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Paul gets booted out

Jewel gets invited over

Some guy from ER joins the show

Amanda is dragged over...

...and then Torri's booted out!

quotes from the Brad Wright interview

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spoilers )
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That is...constantly snurch memes, quizzes and ideas for gwenhywfar!

I'm completely behind on my here's what I've got prepared for a shock!

Finish my first ever fanfic - The Dance
Finish The Third Race
Finish A Different Point of View
Finish Call from the Future
Finish Finding Grace
Finish MTV Generation
Finish The Third Race
Finish Jack's Big Honkin' Invention
Finish Jack's Big Day
Finish Kindergarten Colonel
Finish Stargate Arpegia (my botched virtual series that no-one liked....d'oh!)
Finish The Doctors' Hell and complete The Hells Trilogy
Finish In Between the Threads
Finish A Month's Leave, A Life's Change
Finish A Fish Called Kinsey
Finish Another Life
Finish Frozen Treats
Finish Anything that can go Wrong
Finish Snow Day
Finish Dark Trinity

Write that J/D Slash fic I promised many moons ago
Write all the ideas I've got in my mind

you can find all my fics here - while my other fics (you know...those ones) can be found at Helio 2...stupid


I've barely written anything this year with Uni...but now that MY EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!!

...maybe I can get back to writing fiction rather than coursework...I've written the equivalent of 8 essays in the last few days!


May. 15th, 2006 05:21 pm
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OMG...I've been nominated for a Stargate Fan Award!!!

I've not been nominated for anything since 'The General's Hell' got a nod at the 2004 SJFAs!

I know I've criticised some things about the various fan awards (I don't think people should be allowed to nominate themselves) but I'm so happy about this!!!!


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