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So Wendy Alexander has quit as Scottish Labour leader...

My enduring memory of her will be of the time I sat opposite her on the subway (before I knew who she was, but my mum pointed her out to me). As she got up to leave, she firmly planted her stilletto heel into the top of my foot...T'was pretty sore...
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Currently halfway through an essay on autonomous regions in western europe, and want some feedback on my  essay plan:

WTF is all this crap about anyway?

Here's the question and the plan:

To what extent have European states granted autonomy to sub-state territorial units? Answer with reference to at least three countries.


  1. Introduction: Introduce the question; Brief Europe history and the need for autonomous regions exist. State the countries of focus
  2. Overview of types of autonomy. Include cultural autonomy, territorial autonomy (emphasis on this type), Assemblies, councils and Parliaments.
  3. Country 1 – Spain – Provide overview of the Spanish federal system. What types of Nationalism Spain deals with. Emphasis on Catalonia and the Basque Country. Give overview of their regional governments and contrast powers between the two and the nation state government.
  4. Country 2 – Britain – Provide overview of Westminster, then detail the differenced in Devolution in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Contrast the powers of Holyrood and the Welsh Assembly vs. Westminster’s, with focus on reserved and devolved powers. Also detail Wales cultural differences with language; Northern Ireland with the IRA and Scotland with it’s legal system and education system.
  5. Country 3 – Switzerland – Give overview of Swiss Government and describe differences with Communes and Cantons. Analyse ethnic tensions and language differences. Is Switzerland the ideal balance?
  6. Other examples – Aland Islands, Corsica.
  7. Independence – Mention the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and also Kosovo and Serbia.
  8. Conclusion.
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Firstly, to my flisters outside Scotland, Jack McConnell is Scotland's first minister (e.g. the guy in charge of our Parliament)

Secondly, apologies for bringing politics into LJ, but I have to share this.

Thirdly...If you don't agree with my politics well might not like this!

Anyhoo...sorry about the politics...I know most people have no time for them, but it's a big part of my life.

I've always kept my online life and politics separate, but I had to write this.


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