Jul. 11th, 2009 10:14 am
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 I had the audacity to write on Bebo yesterday that maybe things would start looking up for me and my mum soon.


She got rushed to hospital again last night...They sent her home but her liver isn't working well thanks to her medication.

And then I got a letter saying that yes, I do actually have to go to court. In October...y'know, more than a year after I got mugged.

Life, you suck

No love,

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Seriously, should I give photography up?

I have spent years teaching myself how to be a good photographer...I've spent about £1000 on equipment...I've spent probably a couple hundred on photography books and magazines, and I spend ages out shooting pics, then even longer processing them, and then I upload and promote them.

So for all that time, money and effort, all I have to show for it...


That's it...that's all I've ever made.

I've even got some of my work on show in the shop I work in...

No interest.

I can't afford to keep this hobby up any longer...it's crippling me financially. But I love it :(

But obviously my work isn't good enough, or I'd be making money at it :(


May. 23rd, 2008 11:42 am
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If anyone knows anything about the following, I will love you forever!

1. German Electoral System

2. French Electoral System

3. Effects that Globalization has had/will have on European Welfare States

4. The German Welfare State

5. The Spanish and/or Greek Welfare State

2 and a bit hours to go


But after that, it's all over, and I'll have my degree!

...well confirmation in August

I hope

*touches wood*


May. 23rd, 2008 10:51 am
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Hey all

My mum's out of hospital again...Thankfully it was nothing serious this time.

My exam on Monday went okay...I've got another one today at 2pm, otherwise I'd be more chatty and write more.

Today's a sad day at my Uni' - the end of the Union

The poor little Venue (yes, that's its name) couldn't cope with the competition from Strathclyde Union, the QMU and the GUU and was making a (huge) loss, so it's shutting today

Tis a pity :(

Wish me luck for politics!

Oh, and I'm not going to Sicily


May. 21st, 2008 08:33 pm
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Mum's in hospital again
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Last night was a living hell, and it's also why I'm un uni so late today.

Everything was fine until 11pm when one of my mum's friends came to the door in tears over something her boyfriend had done...She didn't leave for two hours, and the dog had began to act a little funny (cos she realised my mum's friend was upset) so I had to stay up.

I finally got to my bed at about 1.20am, when I heard a beep - it was one of the alarms.

My mum and I freaked when we noticed it was the Carbon monoxide alarm - cue us opening all the windows and doors, and the house being bombarded by insects. We found the user manual, and were relieved to discover it was only beeping as there was a fault with the unit. I climbed up on a chair and followed the instructions to shut it off - to no avail.

Figuring out how to turn it off was a pain, as it's hardwired and not battery operated, so we phoned the helpline - nah...they're 9 - 5 only. The sound was very loud and the dog was whimpering and crying and trembling. Finally, I had enough and attacked it with a screwdriver, wrenching it off the wall.

We had to stay up with the dog to calm her down, and I finally got to bed at 4am.

My alarm was set for 7.

It;s just going to be one of those weeks, isn't it? 
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Why oh why have my feet decided to swell up to the point that I can't put my shoes back on?



May. 2nd, 2008 02:16 pm
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Okay...I'm in Uni, and the studying just ain't happening

*could be to do with the fact you left your notes at home you idiot*

I had a list of what was likely going to be in the exam, and forgot to take it with me, and I can't remember what it said.

My legendary good memory has failed me...This only ever happens near an exam...The rest of the time, my memory serves me well.

Oh but not now...not when I really need it.


I do actually have really good memory recall...not quite total, but damn near close.

Apart from with numbers

Numbers no good

Numbers evil





May. 2nd, 2008 01:57 pm
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I HATE STUDYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My mum had an operation at the dental hospital today, and I ended up getting worked up and quite anxious.

Mum's fine, she's back home, but I just spent my entire Housing Management class trying not to have a panic attack.

I was convinced I was going to pass out 

I hate this 
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OMG...How stupid am I?

I got up this morning still feeling as crud as I did yesterday. I decided not to bother going in early since it's reading week for History, and got it into my head  that there was a 2 hour gap between History and Politics. So I went for  the train  aiming to go to the Politics lecture. I was halfway to Glasgow when I realized the two hour gap's on a Monday and not a Thursday, so I  came all the way up to Glasgow for nothing!

*bashes head against wall*


In less destructive news, I rejoined Bebo - http://susankdailey.bebo.com


Feb. 6th, 2006 07:26 pm
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You know I bit myself on the lip yesterday during dinner...woke up this morning and my mouth had swollen up :(

Spend the whole day sipping warm drinks (minus the sugar)

I'm getting withdrawal symptoms for tuna.

Anywho...that's the mini-moan over...now on with my big...HONKIN...fricking moan


After having a sleepless, crampful night (I hate being a woman...sometimes), finally getting to sleep at...

...drum roll...

...5am, I got up at 8, actually eat (well...drank) a breakfast, straightened my hair and looked over the work I had to do today, before actually setting off for the bus on-time. Got to the bus stop, and fifteen minutes later...no bus...and pissed off commuters and school kids. So I jumped on over to the other side of the road to get the bus that goes most of the way to the station. That bus arrived on time, and I began to relax, until we were halfway round the scheme, and there was a grit lorry stuck horizontally in the middle of the road. A full ten minutes later (with me chewing my good lip in frustration and panic) the bus managed to get by the stupid thing.

But I was now running very late.

I got off the bus, and decided to jog the quarter mile to station, only to get there in time for the train to pull out of the station. (insert multiple expletives)

After standing and actually shouting at the train station, I began to get my head together. I decided to get a taxi to the next town, where another railway line joins our. After 15 minutes of a wait for the taxi, and a fifteen minute drive, I'm £10 out of pocket *growl* but I'm on time for the Glasgow express.

Phew! Got into the lecture at the nick of time!

But...After that lecture, straight into another class, followed immediately by a two hour lab. After taking an hour after the lab (my psychology tutor's wierd btw...for future reference) to get food and chill (oh and study...fun!) I decided to head for the train. I got on the train, and lo and behold...school rush hour! woo hoo! The trainline passes by several primary schools and lemme see...7 high schools...so you can imagine the bedlam on the train. I got showered in at least three different types of fizzy juice. Brats.

I was most of the way home, when I realised I'd left my debit cards at home. And having spent my money on pens and food earlier in the day...

...I had to walk home in the pissing rain for two sodded miles.


I need chocolate :(


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