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So...Naruto's son with the awful name now has an anime all to himself, replacing Shippuden which finished its ten year run two weeks ago.

The episode was a mixed bag for me

The tone is a bit weird, being both 'kiddy' and kind of dark at the same time. The plot was a bit all over the place and lacking explanation (of course it's to make you tune in next week isn't it)

Basic plot - Boruto is going to the Ninja Academy starting tomorrow. He doesn't want to go and neither does Shikadai (Shikamaru's son), but they kind of have to, even though both boys view being a ninja as old fashioned and obsolete. After parkouring their way through town to buy burgers, they ride on top of a train where Boruto moans about his dad. Shikadai tells him not to embarrass Naruto the next day at their Academy enrolment.

After Shikadai heads home, Boruto bumps into a kid - Denki - getting mugged by other kids. After getting rid of the muggers Boruto finds out Denki is starting at the academy as well but he's also being forced to go by his wealthy father who wants him to toughen up. Boruto tells him not to listen to his father and to stand up for himself. That night Denki tries and fails to do that before being bitten by some sort of Chakra snake (yes, Snake...seems too obvious that it's Orochimaru doing it...Kabuto maybe?)

At the Uzumaki household, Naruto isn't home as he's working through the night to get things ready for the enrolment ceremony the next day. Hinata meanwhile has made dinner. Boruto is late and ungrateful and doesn't understand why Naruto isn't home much, seemingly thinking that Naruto is intentionally ignoring his family. Hinata tries to explain that Naruto's job as Hokage is extremely important, but Boruto dismisses her.

The next day Denki (whose father conveniently owns Konoha's train nextwork), lays a trap for his bullies and puts them on a runaway train (yes, really), but Boruto swoops in an tries to save the day. In the process we learn that Boruto has a dojutsu (super-powered eye basically), that I'd reckon is either a Tenseigan (an advanced version of what his mother has), or an implant that can see chakra.

After stopping Denki from hurting his bullies, Boruto commandeers the train and crashes it into Hokage rock, disrupting the Academy enrolment ceremony, mortifying Naruto and horrifying Iruka, Shino, Anko, Moegi and Konohamaru. Boruto shows no remorse.

So on one level it was quite interesting - I want to know more about Boruto's eye - is it Natural or has someone done something to him. Who was responsible for the Chakra snake that attacked Denki? How much has Konoha changed? How are all out old favourite characters getting on?

On the other hand...Boruto seems as stupid as his father, but has an arrogance Naruto never possessed as a small child. Yes Naruto bordered on arrogance right before the Fourth Shinobi World War but was soon made aware of it and corrected his attitude. Boruto's arrogance seems an integral part of his character, and he also seems quite mean - he's willing to trash Hokage rock just for attention, not caring that stonemasons will need to repair it, and they damaged the train line, inconveniencing people. The worst Naruto ever did was daub paint around, and he was struggling greatly with depression at the time. Boruto comes across as an egotist ,compared to Naruto who was treated with utter fear and disdain for the villagers who acted up out of sheer frustration and grief.

I'm going to keep watching this new show, but not for Boruto himself, because I don't like him.

I'll be watching for just about everyone else.


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