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Another nuclear convoy went through my village yesterday.

Yes once again nuclear warheads were within half a mile of my house.

Get them the fuck out of my country!

I'm going to post every time this happens because it's becoming a far more regular occurrence, but it's difficult because obviously the convoys are never announced and it's up to CND to monitor them. Normally English CND alerts Scottish CND and the peace camp (

Like I've said previously this used to happen every other month, but now it's far more common. Yet despite how often it happens, I've only ever seen them with my own eyes on maybe four or five occasions because they go through during quieter hours...all very clandestine you see, though on one occasion I did see two protestors getting arrested. I was only in my early teens...if I saw the same scene now I'd be getting arrested too.

I hate it. I hate the bombs. I hate the fact they're stored so close to my home. I hate that the subs that carry them are based so close to home. I hate that the biggest arms depot in the whole of Europe is just a few miles north of it. It also means despite the fact that Scotland doesn't want any of it, if there is a nuclear war, we are the best tactical target for an enemy to take out, and if that happens...Scotland will be gone. Like seriously, our population is so concentrated within the area that would be directly affected that we would never recover as a nation.

I'm sorry for ranting. It's just this really upsets me.
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