Apr. 30th, 2017

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Yuri on Ice is getting a movie!!

IMO even better than a Season 2, why?

Well - the movie will have a bigger budget than episodes equalling the same length would have, that means higher quality animation, and less repetitive content (I love the routines in YOI but I think we saw Yuuri do Eros *thinks* five times in total, over just 12 eps) so that'll be good. Plus this won't be bound by the constraints of TV: YOI on ice was categorised as a sports anime, not a romance or "boys love" anime so they weren't allowed to show Victuuri's kiss, and I know there was a lot of stuff in the 12 episodes that struggled to make it through the censors and some stuff did get altered so the show would air - a movie won't have those considerations.

I'm trusting that Kubo and Yamamoto will do a good job - the writing was so tight for season 1 and they're already hard at work on this movie - they've both been travelling to ice skating events (the ISU World Championship in Helsinki for example and they stayed in St. Petersburg for a while (where the movie will undoubtedly be partly set since Yuuri moved there to be with and to train with Viktor), so they obviously want to get this right (plus it's making megabucks by anime standards - they really don't want to fuck this up!!)

If we'd moved straight to a second season, there's every chance it could have been rushed to take advantage of the hype surrounding YOI, but a movie is better - less content, but better quality will satisfy the fans, and will give Kubo, Yamamoto and Mappa time to bring together the original animation team and others for a second season - season 1 took about 3 years to make as far as I know, so I don't think we should expect season 2 until late 2018, possibly even 2019, and I'm suspecting it'll be made official when the movie comes out.

In the meantime I don't think there's going to be any stopping the YOI PR Machine or art department - they're churning out so much promotional material (and merch) that there's something new every other week (more like every other day!). And as far as I know the merchandise is selling extremely well.

I still need to wait months for my Nendoroids though!! I've decided not to pre-order Yurio - I'm going to try and pick him up at a later date, just because funds are tight. 

I cannot wait for this movie though...it's going to be "wow, amazing!"


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