Jan. 30th, 2017

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So many many moons ago I promised to do reviews of some anime shows...and then I get swept up in Naruto...and didn't do the reviews...so I really should do that!

(I am also using this as a distraction from the news while I'm waiting for my beta to get back to me about a new fic)

I'm doing this as I watch the episodes btw, and I'm hoping to cover the following shows:

Digimon (inc. Adventure, Adventure 02, Adventure Tri, the movies, followed by the other shows)
Naruto (inc. Naruto, Shippuden, all the movies and the Hidens (will be skipping most fillers))
Yuri!!! on Ice
and Haikyuu!

edit: Adding Orange and Hey Arnold (I know, not an anime, but I want to watch it all again before its big comeback later this year!)

I'll be following subbed episodes for the most part, and using Japanese names where I can :)

So first up...

Digimon Adventure

Series synopsis: Seven kids are transported to the Digital World, a strange place where digital creatures called "Digimon" reside. A group of Digimon soon befriend them and keep the kids out of harm's way. The children then discover they are the Chosen Children, which protect the Digital World from evil Digimon like Devimon and Vamdemon.

Episode 01 - Adrift! The Island of Adventure / And So It Begins
Original Japanese airdate - March 7th, 1999

The Japanese version immediately begins with a far superior opening to its English counterpart - the late Wada Kouji's Butter-fly - A million times better than the "Digimon Digital Monsters" ditty from most English versions. The opening graphics are mostly the same as the English ones, introducing all our main characters and foreshadowing the first Big Bad (anime openings are usually always good, but they're not so good if you're not keen on spoilers...).

It starts with a voiceover explaining that freak weather conditions have been affecting Earth...and then takes us to a summer camp where the kids are hanging out.

Right off the bat we're introduced to Yagami Taichi (Tai Kamiya in the dub), Takenouchi Sora, Ishida Yamato (Matt Ishida) - all in 5th grade, Izumi Koushiro (Koushiro "Izzy" Koushiro), Tachikawa Mimi - both in 4th grade, Takaishi Takeru (TK Takaishi) - 2nd grade, and Kido Jou - 6th Grade. All the kids go to Odaiba Elementary, except from Takeru.

Suddenly the camp is enveloped in a snow storm and the kids get separated from the rest of the camp. Afte the snow stops, the kids go out to play in the snow, Koushiro tries to connect to the internet, when he's called on by the others as an aurora's suddenly appeared. Koushiro comments that this shouldn't be happening. Suddenly meteors appear from nowhere striking the ground right next to the kids. Looking down at where the 'meteors' landed, the kids find small digital devices which soon start to levitate. The devices come to life and seem to summon a giant wave that lifts the kids up into the sky, and after that they cross over into the Digital World.

The next thing Taichi knows is that he's being start at by a talking pink blob which he's immediately afraid of. The blob introduces itselt as Koromon and says he was waiting for Taichi. Koushiro appears being followed by a similar creature called Motimon. With the kids hot knowing where they are, the creatures declare that they're on File Island. Taichi climbs a tree and confirms they're on an island, before he spots what he thinks is a stag beetle, but it's actually a dangerous Kuwagamon. The Kuwagamon tries to attack Taichi, knocking him out of the tree.Motimon  leads the kids to safety inside some sort of holographic tree, while initially hesitating, the kids follow to keep safe.

When the danger appears to pass, they're joined by another of their campmates, Sora, with her own creature - Pyocomon, then Takeru with Tokomon and Yamato with Tsunomon...and then a petrified Jou with Pukamon. Jou is freaking out over Pukamon following him about and is stunned to see all the other kids have similar creatures following them. The creatures then explain that they are Digimon - Digital Monsters. The kids realise that Mimi is missing and discover that both she and her Digimon, Tanemon are under attack from Kuwagamon, forcing all of the kids to run for cover as it repeatedly divebombs them

Taichi wants to battle Kuwagamon but the other kids overule him and then continue to run - until they come to a dead end at the edge of a cliff. Taichi doesn't want to give up and tries to look for another way to escape before Kuwagamon attacks again. Koromon and all the Digimon attack Kuwagamon to protect their human partners and seem to succeed, but the kids are upset that the Digimon appear to be hurt. At that moment, Kuwagamon reappears and drives the kids to the cliff-edge. Koromon tells Taichi that he and the other Digimon have to fight Kuwagamon, and, to the kids' horror, they're all very insistent about this. The kids worries about the Digimons' welfare, along with an emotional outburst from Taichi is enough to promt the Digimon to Digivolve (yay for the Japanese soundtrack cos we get to listen to Brave Heart!) to the next level, giving them new abilities to defeat the Koromon, and stunning the kids as they appear to defeat Kuwagamon for good....but it comes back again, and uses its pincers to make the edge of the cliff collapse with the kids and the Digimon on it....

And that's where the episode ends, before going into its first ending theme - I Wish - by AiM (Mimi's voice actor) which I'll be honest...I'm not a fan of, at least not this original version.

The preview for the next episode teases a battle against Shellmon while the kids find out more about the Digital World and their Digimons' abilities, and it gives us a sneak peak at Greymon!

Memorable Quotes - None really
Memorable Moments - Jou's reaction to Pukamon; Taichi asserting himself as the defacto leader; the Digimon Digivolving for the first time
Notable Firsts - Well, everything really - first time meeting the kids, first time visiting the digital world, first time meeting Digimon, first time fighting Digimon, etc etc

Overall Impression - It's a solid, if fairly pedestrian first episode which while full of nostalgia, doesn't do much to grab the imagination, and I can see why so many thought it was simply a cheap rip-off of Pokemon. The digimon are cute as always, but they're accepted far too quickly, and the instant bonding between the kids and their partners felt hollow. I know this is a show for kids, but it could have done with more build-up, especially since the show devotes a lot of time to exploring the kids' bonds with their Digimon in later episodes. Taichi is decently established as the lead character and as the 'go-getter' of the group. Other kids whose eventual roles are all but confirmed in this episode are: Koushiro (the Computer Whizz), Jou (the Panic-merchant) and Takeru (the baby of the group), while Sora, Yamato and Mimi aren't really focused on much. While looking at the show's production values, echnically speaking the animation is fairly decent for the late 90s and while I'm sure there are errors, I didn't notice any myself. The voice acting is excellent, meaning that both the original and the English dub boast great casts. The incidental music is better than the English dub, but I kind of miss the English dub's music because it was so corny it was good!

Overall Score - 3.5/5 - While not stellar, it doesn't do anything particularly badly either and while it could have been better, it could have been a whole lot worse. The shows introduces us to various plot elements in a straightforward way as well which is always good. We see Digivices and Digimon and learn where we are. and it's enough to leave us wanting to know more.

Otaku Notes - Being the first anime I ever watched means this show will always have a special place in my heart. I started watching it religiously every day after school. This and Hey Arnold were the last 'kids shows' I watched before I deemed cartoons 'too immature' (wonder that the me of then would make of the me of now...).
Some notes on some of the voices in this show - Having initially watched this show in English, it's kind of weird watching it in Japanese as Takeuchi Junko (Naruto himself) voices both Pukamon and Gomamon.

On a much sadder note however, is that within the past year the Digimon franchise has lost both Wada Kouji, and Mizutani Yuuko. Wada provided much of the music for Digimon, including its famous Butter-fly theme, while Mizutani was the original voice of Sora.

Also, as I was typing this review, I was kind of stunned at just how much of the Japanese I can now understand as I wasn't able to read the subs and type at the same time!
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Well, one episode one down, now onto the next episode one!


Synopsis: Uzumaki Naruto, a hyperactive and knuckle-headed ninja, lives in Konohagakure, the Hidden Leaf village. Moments prior to his birth, a huge demon known as the Kyuubi, the Nine-tailed Fox, attacked Konohagakure and wreaked havoc. In order to put an end to the Kyuubi's rampage, the leader of the village, the Fourth Hokage, sacrificed his life and sealed the monstrous beast inside the newborn Naruto. Shunned because of the presence of the Kyuubi inside him, Naruto struggles to find his place in the village. He strives to become the Hokage of Konohagakure, and he meets many friends and foes along the way.

Foreword (for lack of a better term?): Well, I was in for a shock when I started this series...While I did find it somwhat of an effort to get through the first bunch of episodes...after that I was completely hooked! I initially picked up this series figuring it'd be mildly enjoyable and then I'd get bored - not the case. While this series is far from perfect (it goes from genius to awful and back like a yoyo at times, seriously), it is worth the pain for all the good stuff. Most of the characters are amazing, with a lot of thought even given to background characters who appear only once or twice every few years or so, and the main concept of the show is excellent. I don''t know whether to blame Kishimoto for the show's many failings, or his editors...I tend to place more blame on the editors if I'm honest as it's well known that they meddled in the storyline more and more as the series progressed. And I think honestly at the end Kishimoto was burnt out. Now that he's back supervising Boruto, I'm hoping he can be the kind of editor he himself would have benefited from having around back in the day.

Episode 001 - Enter: Uzumaki Naruto!
Original Japanese airdate - October 3rd, 2002

Now this episode has a very famous beginning - a flashback that even I had come across on the internet years before I gave Naruto a second thought, It starts with a flashback to many years ago when a giant fox attacking a group of ninja and their village. They call out to each other, saying they'll hold out until a ninja titled the Yondaime Hokage (Fourth Hokage) arrives. He arrives with a flourish, perched on top of a giant toad, before he, the toad and the giant fox are engulfed in a blue-white light and vanish. A voiceover tells us that the Yondaime was able to imrprison the fox. The next thing we see is a crying baby Naruto, with some strange markings on his belly, and then the show flashes forward to the present.

In the present day, Uzumaki Naruto is running through a village holding a pot of paint, chased by two angry looking ninja. Naruto is laughing and goading the ninja, and we can see why they're pursuing him - he's daubed paint all over a large memorial high above the village. Meanwhile another ninja and a villager inform the village leader - Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime (third) Hokage - that Naruto's been up to mischief again and has defaced Hokage Rock with paint.

The ninja continue to chase Naruto until he eventually appears to have eluded them - only to come face to face with his homeroom teacher, Umino Iruka, who ties him up and takes him back to his school - the Ninja Academy.

After getting lectured in front of his class, Iruka orders everyone to retake a recent test they've all had to do. It's here we learn that these ninja-in-training aren't ordinary kids (as if the giant fox and the giant toad in the flashback weren't clues enough). He calls them forward to test their skills using the Henge Jutsu (Transformation Technique), whereby he asks the students to turn into a perfect facsimile of their sensei, Iruka.

First up is a pink-haired girl, Haruno Sakura, who completes the test with no problems. After passing she turns to see if fellow classmate Sasuke noticed, before it moves on to Uchiha Sasuke himself (he's the kid with dark hair that looks like a ducks' butt), he manages the test with ease and moves aside. After Sakura and Sasuke, it's Naruto's turn. He gets nipped at by another two ninja-in-training - Yamanaka Ino and Nara Shikamaru, who are not happy at having to retake the test because of him. Another student, Hyuga Hinata silently wishes Naruto the best.

Naruto moves forward, and does something highly inappropriate - instead of transforming into Iruka, he transforms into an older, naked, female version of himself. A horrified Iruka can't stop his nose from bleeding all over the place (common gag in Japanese anime - if someone gets a sudden nosebleed it's a sign they've been sexually aroused...) and he recoils in horror before reprimanding Naruto again. Naruto calls his misuse of Henge "Orioke no Jutsu" (the Sexy Technique).

After school, Iruka monitors Naruto while he scrubs the paint off of monuments on Hokage Rock. Iruka tells him he can't go home until all the paint's been removed. Naruto moans loudly that  he doesn't care as there's no-one at home anyway. Feeling bad, Iruka instead makes a deal with Naruto - if he removes all the paint then Iruka will treat him to ramen at Ichiraku Ramen. Spurred on to clean up his mess,

Soon they're at Ichiraku where Iruka tries to get Naruto to understand why his actions were wrong. Naruto explains that he knows who the Hokage were - they were ninja who were considered the best ninjas during their lifetimes, especially the Yondaime, who defeated the demon fox and saved the village. Iruka then asks if Naruto, who aspires to be a ninja, knows all this, why did he do what he did?

Naruto responds it's because he intends to become Hokage himself, and not just any Hokage - He's aiming to be the best one ever.

Iruka nearly chokes on his Ramen.

Naruto states that his aim is to become Hokage so that people will need to acknowledge and respect him.

After stating his goals to Iruka, Naruto asks to borrow his forehead protector, which Iruka refuses to do, saying he'll get one tomorrow after he graduates.

The next day at the academy it's Naruto's graduation exam, and the exam is to perform "Bunshin no Jutsu" (Clone Technique). Naruto fails despite his best efforts. Another teacher, Mizuki, asks Iruka if they should maybe just let him pass, since he mustered up something approaching a clone, but Iruka refuses, upsetting Naruto.

Later that day, all the other children gather outside the Academy's front entrance wearing the forehead protectors that signify their news status as ninja. They're all surrounded by parents offering to cook them their favourite meals and promising to buy them presents.

 A short distance away, Naruto sits on swing looking completely devastated as he's the only kid who didn't pass. A couple of his classmates' mothers notice him and begin to discuss him, calling him "that boy", and saying it serves him right and that he shouldn't be a ninja. One of the women then says "isn't he the boy who-", before being cut off by the other, telling her that they're "not supposed to talk about that."

Naruto hears every word but doesn't do anything, instead he finds Mizuki standing over him, and Mizuki leads Naruto off, seemingly to give him a pep talk. Back with all the new graduates, the Hokage tells Iruka he'll need to talk to him.

As the sun sets over the village, Mizuki explains to Naruto why Iruka failed him, saying that Iruka truly cares for Naruto and wanted him to pass, but that he needed to do better. Mizuki points out that Iruka is an orphan like Naruto is, indicating that Iruka empathises with him. Naruto however is still uspset at not passing. Mizuki then indicates to Naruto that might still be a secret way to make that happen.

The next scene cuts to Iruka, lying in bed (fully clothed), and with his mind going back to his recent conversation with the Hokage. The Hokage indicated to Iruka that he understood his feeling regarding Naruto but reiterated to him that Naruto is much like he was, having grown up without the love of his parents. Iruka's mind is them filled with images of the Demon Fox's attack years ago, and he remembers calling out to his parents, intimating that they died when the fox attacked. Just then he's interrupted by Mizuki battering on his door to tell him that Naruto's stolen a sacred and dangerous artefact - the Scroll of Seals.

In the forest near the village, Naruto has the scroll and has started reading the jutsus (techniques) it contains - the first being the "Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" (Multiple Shadow Clone Technique). Naruto who sucks at making clones is not impressed.

The Hokage calls together a number of ninja and sends them out to hunt down Naruto. Iruka joins them, hoping to track him down before another ninja can get to him.

We get a glimpse of Mizuki and discover that he has another agenda - he's instructed Naruto to steal the scroll so that he can have access to it while Naruto takes the blame. He's hoping the villagers will kill Naruto for this crime.

Iruka finally fins Naruto, who looks messy and worn out. Naruto doesn't seem to understand that he's in trouble, and proudly tells Iruka he's learned a jutsu from the scroll. Naruto further elaborates that if he's learned a jutsu from the scroll, then Iruka will need to let him pass. He also lets Iruka know that it was Mizuki who told him this.

Iruka realises that Mizuki's been using Naruto, but at that moment the blue-haired ninja appears and attacks, impaling Iruka with a kunai (small dagger). Iruka tells Naruto that the scroll's dangerous and he can't let Mizuki have it, but Mizuki tells Naruto that Iruka simply doesn't want Naruto to have the scroll because he's afraid of him. Mizuke also tells Naruto that he'll tell him the truth about an incident twelve years ago which resulted in a rule being created for the village to keep a secret from Naruto.

Mizuki then tells Naruto that the secret is that Naruto is actually the nine-tailed demon fox itself and that he killed Iruka's parents.

Naruto is understandably horrified at this as Mizuko mocks him for being hated throughout the village for what he is.

Mizuki tells Naruto that Iruka hates him.

Iruka remembers the Hokage's words, that Naruto's been ostracised because of the demon fox, and that he only acts up to get attention because he's hurting inside.

Mizuki them tries to kill Naruto using a fuma shuriken (a large shuriken) but Iruka takes the blow for him and is badly hurt. Iruka tells Naruto that he was much like Naruto when he was kid, that he was a bad student and the class clown that acted up because he was hurting and was so lonely after his parents died. Iruka cries and tells Naruto that he should have done more for him because he knew Naruto was suffering, and then apologises to him.

Mizuki shouts that Iruka still hates Naruto, and Naruto takes off with the scroll. Mizuki predicts that Naruto will use the scroll to attack the village, but Iruka gets angry and disagrees and the two take off both in pursuit of Naruto.

Back in his office, the Hokage watches what's happening via a crystal ball, and is worried that Naruto might unleash the demon fox sealed within him.

Iruka and Mizuki come to blows over Naruto, unaware that Naruto is listening in. Mizuki can't fathom why Iruka would protect Naruto and calls him a monster. Naruto seems to think that Iruka is agreeing with him, but then he launches an impassioned defence of Naruto, acknowleging him as one of his students and calling him Uzumaki Naruto of Konohagakura.

Mizuki then moves to kill Iruka, but is stopped by Naruto who knocks him to the ground. Naruto tells Mizuki he'll kill him if he hurts Iruka, before he unleashes his new jutsu - Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu - creating hundreds of tangible copies of himself. Iruka notes this is an advanced jutsu and watches as the countless Narutos beat Mizuki to a pulp.

As day breaks, Naruto apologises for going overboard and asks Iruka if he's okay. Iruka says he is and muses that maybe Naruto will become Hokage someday. Iruka then asks Naruto to close his eyes. When Naruto opens them, he realises that Iruka's placed his own forehead protector on him, and Iruka congratulates him on graduating.

Naruto is now a ninja.

Overjoyed, Naruto tackle-hugs Iruka. And Iruka muses to himself he was going to lecture him again, but he'll leave it until later when they're eating Ramen.

And that's the end of a very eventful episode 1!

And then it's Naruto's first - and generally considered best - ending theme - Wind by Akeboshi

The preview for the next episode showcases Sarutobi Konohamaru - grandson of the Sandaime Hokage!

Memorable Quotes:
Iruka to Mizuki re. Naruto "Yeah… the monster fox would do that… but Naruto is different. I've acknowledged him as… one of my excellent students. He may not be the hardest worker… and he is clumsy and no one accepts him… but he already knows what it is to feel pain inside your heart. He isn't the monster fox. He is a member of the Konohagakure. He's Uzumaki Naruto!"
Memorable Moments - This episode is full of them. The whole opening flashback; Naruto defacing Hokage Rock; Naruto and Iruka going to Ichiraku Ramen; Naruto stating his aim of becoming Hokage; Naruto learning the fox is sealed within him; Iruka opening up to Naruto and apologising; Naruto unleashing Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu; and finally, Naruto becoming a ninja!
Notable firsts - Naruto learns that the demon fox is sealed inside his body

Overall score - 3.5/5 - Despite me giving this episode a fairly high score, I will say that it is still a mixed bag, but that's due to the studio working to find this anime's voice in the adaptation. The storyline is tight and all these years later this episode is still extremely important. The voice acting is excellent, with both Takeuchi Junko's Naruto and Seki Toshihiko's Iruka really shining. Some dialogue is iffy but that's not down to the actors, and can actually be attributed to Kishimoto who was still working out plot points when he wrote the original chapter (it explains why jutsus are called spells, for instance). But the actual presentation of the anime is where it loses points. The quality of this anime is not as good as Digimon, which aired earlier - it's grainy in comparison (even the DVD isn't good). And it's very cartoony compared to what we'll see even in just a few episodes' time, it's like the animators thought it was going to be aimed at a much younger audience. The music is generally good, although some of the incidental music is a bit heavy handed (and it gets old real quick - the reuse a lot of this music time and time again...). We only get a short preview of what the opening theme will be, but this is remedied by the excellent ending - Wind - which was actually what made me stick around past episode 1. Wind hints at a far deeper story than what this episode would prepare you for.

Otaku Notes - If there was ever an episode that deserved getting remade - it's this one. Naruto obviously had a small budget during its first anime season, and it shows.

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Synopsis: Kaizaki Arata (27) quit the job he landed after graduation in only three months. His life did not go well after that. Now his parents are threatening to stop sending money, and want him to come back to the country. He has no friends or girlfriend to share his troubles with...as he hits rock bottom a strange man named Yoake Ryo appears. Yoake invites Kaizaki to join a societal rehabilitation program for NEETs called ReLife. This program uses a mysterious drug to make him look younger, and sends him back to high school for a year..

Reviewer's Notes: This was a show I wasn't 100% sure about watching if I'm honest, but the premise intrigued me enough that I decided to chance it. As a single, careerless and near-friendless late twenty-something, I wanted to know more about Arata, but at the same time I was worried about the perils of putting an adult into a high school setting, and hoped the writers would be mature about it. Thankfully they were, and this turned into an intriguing and funny look at the 'what ifs' in life, as well as taking the time to examine many of the little things we lose as we grow up.

Episode 1 - Arata Kaizaki (27), Unemployed
Original Japanese Airdate - July 2nd, 2016

The show starts off with an unshaven man smoking in his apartment, while taking a phonecall from a friend who wants him to go out for drinks. The man remarks it's been a while, but he'll be there, and claims he's just leaving work. The next thing we see is the man putting on a business suit and heading out. While he's on the train, heading to meetup with his friend, the man - Arata - reminisces back to a recent job interview and getting knocked back for quitting his graduate job just three months in. When quizzed about why he quit he claims its because he wanted to change direction and wanted to fulfil his potential somewhere else. Despite trying to spin this as a positive, the interviewer dismisses him.

Next, we flash forward a little bit, and Arata is now in a bar with three friends, one of whom asks him what's happening with his job, and another who announces his sister's getting married. Arata lies and says he's hanging in there at his work.

A short time later and a now slightly tipsy Arata berates himself, trying to get home via a dark backstreet, when his phone rings. It's hi mother who wants to know his his interview went. When he tells her it didn't go well she sounds angry, and then informs him they're cutting off his financial support as they feel he should be able to stand on his own two feet.

After the phonecall ends, Arata wonders aloud how his life turned out like this, only to be interrupted by a young man who knows his name, The man also knows Arata's career history, like the fact he took not one, but two gap years, went to college, then grad school, lined up a job and then quit. The man says that Arata works only part time now in order to make ends meet. Arata demands to know who he is, so he introduces himself as Yoake Ryo, of ReLIFE Laboratory and tells Arata that ReLIFE has selected him to become a test subject for a year-long experiment, during which like ReLife will cover all his living expenses. Ryo also intimates that they might help him find a jon after the experiment is concluded.

Rather oddly, Arata agrees to participate on the spot without much encouragement and then asks what he'll be doing. Ryo presents him with a blue and white pill (the one in the poster up there).

The next day Arata wakes up seemingly a little hungover and goes to wash his face - looking in the mirror however he gets a fright as he's transformed into a teenager overnight! As he examines his face he remembers his conversation with Ryo who told him if he too the pill he'd look like a high school student.

Understandably, Arata freaks out, and checks the pill box - yes he's taken it. He then remembers what the experiment will entail - he's going to go back to high school for a year!

Next it's the entirely forgettable opening song which tells us which kids at the high school are going to be main charcters alongside Arata.

After the music it's back to Arata's meltdown, which is interrupted by Ryo arriving at his door. Ryo's happy he's already taken the pill, but Arata informs him he doesn't remember because he was drunk. Ryo responds that's to be expected of a "deadbeat", before inviting himself in.

Ryo tells him which high school he'll be going to. Ryo senses that Arata doesn't want to participate anymore and gives him the option to quit telling him he can go back to being a NEET, and reminding him about how difficult it's been lying to all his friends about his work situation at the bar the previous night.

Feeling 'motivated', Arata signs a consent form and agrees to go to high school.

The next day he arrives at his homeroom class and is petrified being in a room full of teenagers a decade younger than him. He runs to a seat to find out he's in an assigned seat, which he's promptly shifted from by a girl with long black pigtails. After finding another seat, his new teacher arrives.

Her name is Amatsu Kokoro and she introduces herself to the class. Arata realises the teacher is probably younger than he is. Kokoro calls her students up to introduce themselves to class, and Arata is shocked to see that the first student is now a younger-looking Ryo, who introduces himself as a returning student. Arata freaks out, thinking maybe Ryo was never an adult in the first place. Next to introduce herself is Hishiro Chizuru - the girl with the long back pig tails. Arata remarks to himself that she seems unfriendly and another student nearby remarks to her friend that Chizuru was last year's top student.

Arata misses his name being called out but stands up and introduces himself as a transfer student, but his classmates comment how overly formal his introduction was.

Next up is Kariu Rena whi's on the volleyball team. As she sits nexts to Arata he decides to make a note of her name, remembering her as Kariu the Cougher as she has a cold. Next is Oga Kazuomi.who Arata dubs Oga thw showy. After Oga is Onoya An who is also a transfer student.  An turns to Arata and tells him they can be transfer buddies. Arata realises he's going to be friends with high school girls and has a typically male response in that he's excited by the prospect.

With introductions done, the teacher announces a series of spot tests, and Arata loudly freaks out, earning him conused looks from his classmates. Arata gets over his freak out, after all he's been to grad school, but when he realises he doesn't have a pencil, he freaks out again. His teacher comes over to check on him and aks to see his bag...where she finds his cigarettes.

Kokoro is horrified, but Arata doesn't understand why before he remembers that he's a teenager again. He says he never removed them from his bag as he carries them "out of habit". Ryo, who's monitoring him tries desperately not to burst out laughing, and Kokoro tells him she'll see him in the staff room after school and confiscates is cigarettes.

Arata's so wound up by now that he even messes up passing the papers round the class, not taking one for himself. And when the test starts again he realises he still doen't have anything to write with, until Rena comes to his rescue, giving him a pen.

After the first test the class is given a break and he starts to talk to both Kariu and Oga. Kariu is sick but determined to pass the tests as the winner becomes class rep, but she's now in competition against Chizuru who was the top student in another class.

After all the tests are done, a dejected Arata heads home, feeling dejected as he couldn't answer anything. He wants to go home and have some beers, but is caught by Kokoro who drags him to the staff room to chastise him for smoking. She tells him he'll regret smoking when he grows up. He them asks his teacher how old she is. She tells him she's 25 and he remarks that she's so young for a teacher. She takes this as an insult assuming that he's mocking her and thinks she's actually old. But instead he tells her that she's impressive being a teacher at her age, and she accepts the compliment stating that she's often not taken seriously. As she thanks him, Arata seems to have some sort of flashback about another woman telling him 'thank you' and seems to start having a panic attack, but when his teacher tells him to write a letter of apology for smoking, he collects himself.

As he leaves the school, Ryo is waiting for him, telling him his first day was a disaster. Arata wants answers from Ryo who confiirms he's an adult and that he's to act as Arata's handler and keep an eye on him. He explains he's in his second year at the school as the previous year was for training. Ryo tells Arata not to hang about with him as he needs to talk to the actualy students, not another adult. Ryo also reminds him to use informal speech from now on, which Arata's not entirely confortable with.

After the (also forgettable) ending plays, it cuts to Arata at home telling his parents he's got a new job with an initial contract of one year and he thinks it could work out. It then cuts to Ryo typing up his report where he notes that Arata hadn't prepared at all for school. Ryo references a failed test subject from last year, Subject No. 001 before deleting mention of it from the report and amends it to say that that Subject No. 002 Kaizaki Arata will do better.

And that's the end of the episode!

Memorable Quotes - None
Memoriable Moments - The whole introductory classroom scene is pretty funny
Notable Firsts - meeting the main characters

Overall Impression - A very enjoyable first episode that introduces is to the car wreck that is Arata. Arata is directionless, depressed and pretty helpless. He's very relatable, especially to me as he's stuck in a rut and can't seem to get out. You really feel sorry for the guy. Ryo is a good foil to his combination of seriousness and accidental goofyness as Ryo acts carefree and happy but actually seems to have his shit together. We don't get much of an impression of their classmates but Chizuru, Onoya, Rena and Oga are all introduced. The episode is very solid and states exactly where the show will be going, while leaving lttle signs that there's more going on than meets the eye. The animation is excellent, very fluid with no errors and the backgrounds are beautifully rendered. The music is dstinctly average. In fact I had completely forgotten the opening song since I last watched.

Overall Score - 4/5 - A high score for a very enjoyable first episode that has no noticeable flaws or detractions!


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