Jan. 27th, 2017

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I've been cooking again! This time chicken pesto pasta with creme fraiche...something quick and simple! :)

Minor victory for me - I always overcook chicken and overdo pesto, but this was just right :)

We've been continuing our huge clearout of the house...I'm even parting company with books and DVDs!! I'm actually feeling good for parting with things...Usually my hoarding instinct takes over and I find myself hanging on to rubbish I haven't looked at in years.

I've been back to see my CBT Therapist and she's been really good. She's into photography too and she's suggested that I do some photo challenges to give me back an interest in photography again, so if I do that, I'll post the pictures here :)

In other real life news, I went back to the dentist for the first time in 5 years...and the only thing I need done was the filling I chickened out of getting done last time...he described the rest of my teeth as perfect, and confirmed I have no wisdom teeth, so the pain I've been getting at the back of my jaw must be from my ears (which I have problems with (including recurring infections) but which the doctor doesn't seem to take seriously).

In anime news, I am now watching Yuri on Ice through for the THIRD time, this time watching the dub (yes it is that good, and the voice acting in the dub is pretty good too!). I'm going to be watching more Orange and Haikyuu which I watched a tiny bit of a few months back. Sadly the Shikamaru Hiden I was looking forward to in Naruto Shippuden has been a bit of a snorefest, especially since Sasuke Shinden was so good :\

But seriously, even if you hate anime or think it's just for kids, Yuri on Ice still merits a watch :)

Right now it's about the only thing that makes me happy.


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