Jan. 23rd, 2017

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I made this


I highly recommend it...om nom nom

In other news...I have rewatched Yuri on Ice from start to finish already...absolutely superb. They even had cameos from real-life Japanese and French figure skaters in the final episodes...and the skaters had asked for the cameos XD

For background, I absolutely LOVE figure skating, especially ice dancing...I suck at skating, I did have lessons so I can actually skate, but I can't do anything fancy whatsoever. I tend to watch the pairs, and my favourites are Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.

Here's my favourite of their exhibition routines

As for Yuri on Ice, I just love every aspect of the show. There's so much attention to detail, you can really tell that the creators love figure skating, and for once there's an anime with an LGBT love story, where it's isn't queerbaiting. But the main thing is the characters - yes the cast is mostly male, but it's about male figure skating so that's permissible. And the cast is diverse, so reflect the diversity in the international championships. Both Yuris and Viktor and amazing characters. Yuri P is a bit of a dick but you understand why he is the way he is and he's the baby of the bunch so he's immature. Yuri K is extremely relatable to anyone with anxiety issues, and he's extremely introverted, so him putting himself out there on the ice is amazing. Yuri really grows over the course of the show, going from meekly asking his friend to "please watch" when he's dancing, to ordering Viktor to "never take his eyes off" him while he's performing. Viktor himself is amazing, the best skater in the world, but a novice as a coach, and a complete fruitcake as a person.

What was cool as well was seeing Barcelona in an anime, including places I'd visited. Weird seeing a place you've visited show up in an anime.


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